Interesting things will appear here from time to time. Unfortunately the last time this was updated was circa 2003. Wish me luck finding the time to make things less antiquated.
  • For people with a *nix box or cygwin there's a tarball of a telnet based chat program I wrote with a friend of mine for internet engineering. Compiles fine on linux boxes, just run make, on Sun boxes add -lsocket to the gcc command and change the int to char for the setsockopt().
  • A stripped C interpreter, written in C by a team of 3 for one of my software engineering classes.
  • Display. Handy python code for doing basic dynamic html with cgi.
  • A quick message board script in python, great for simple blogging, chat etc, good base for further work. Requires the Display module.
  • People who have an email address with me, can access it online here! choose horde, it's got the best interface.
  • Some javascripting animation using the DOM, just an experiment really, but fun.

Copyright Benjamin Ranck 2002